Purchase procedure

Prices are visible and military surplus items are only sold to customers with a “validated” SOFRAMA account.
The items are mainly sold in packs of 10 pieces and in mixed sizes unless otherwise stated in the product description.

Once your account is validated and the prices are visible, you can place orders by following the steps below:

  • Add the items to your basket
  • Specify your shipping format preference :
    – 30KG boxes
    – Pallets
  • Specify if you take care of the transport or if SOFRAMA takes care of it.

Once the order is received, SOFRAMA will start the preparation following the following steps:

  • Verification of available quantities.
  • Direct exchange with the customer in case of questions.
  • Request for payment upon receipt of the quotation.
  • Shipping.

The SOFRAMA team is always available by phone and email to assist you with your purchases.